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Working only on 9 Patch & Hourglass now

November 14th, 2001 7:40 pm CDT

Well folks I didn't fall off the face of the earth I'm still here just slower than Moses. Poor Moses, he always gets a bad rap! I'm just about recovered from staying up all night the other day. I used to do that all the time but I must be getting old as it doesn't seem to be as easy to do anymore. So far 3 of 4 kids have had the flu and the 4th seems to be hanging in there. Mommy's tummy isn't feeling so well this evening though. I'm hoping it's just nerves and not the flu. I'm a BIG BABY when I'm sick. I'm waiting for Starry Path to make it safely home hopefully that will be tomorrow. So I'm nervous about that.

I've got to e-mail my other lady and tell her I'm paying attention to her quilt again. To recount 9 Patch & Hourglass has a total of 256 blocks + applique border that needs echo quilted. I have 40 done (got some done the last couple of days but hadn't posted) so that leaves 216 to go + borders. Which means I've got to boogie cuz I'm way farther behind than I expected. Oh before I forget, I archived the other Journal Entries and they are now all on 1 page. I'll do that as I finish each quilt.

Tomorrow I've got to go to Bow and I want to get a couple of my pages updated. I'm not sure if I'm going to put some really neat Country Stuff up here for sale or put it on Ebay or Yahoo! for auction. So I may get some of that done tomorrow too. Well that's about all I can think of for now.

November 16th, 2001 11:02pm CDT

Spent yesterday running to town and trying to set up the store page. Finished the store page this am and put some fabric I bought that I'm not going to get around to using up for auction on Ebay. Last night one of my boy's friends invited himself to spend the night so I spent the rest of the day getting more food and cleaning house. Good thing I got a little more food because this friends brother decided he should come too lol. The kidlets finally went to sleep here a minute ago. I haven't got much more than that done today. Going to take the company home tomorrow before dinner and boot everyone else out of the house to go help daddy when he gets home from work. Daddy's going to take vacation this week so I reckon he'll work their little tails off this weekend. This will be the first year he won't have any help during vacation. I hope that's the case, otherwise I'll have to go find a place to hide so he doesn't get the notion I'm available!

November 18th, 2001 8:28pm CDT

I'm to the border on the 2nd half of the first 3 rows of 9 Patch. I'm going to have to take the next few days off to let my finger tips heal. My Super Glue isn't helping any more so it's time to heal them up. (Not that I recommend putting Super Glue on chewed up finger tips, it's just what I do to get by for a little longer. In other words, don't try this at home). We get to hear the baby calves bawl for awhile now as the guys got them weaned today. It got a little chilly today so it's starting to feel more like the suble shortly after that. When they worked the cows one of the old girls got rowdy and he got smacked in the nose with the gate. At any rate, his hand is numb and he's having some pretty bad muscle 'twitches' so somethings pinching off the nerves. Well I'll post more again later.

November 28th, 2001 2:50pm

Whew, it's been a rough couple of days. Betwixt the rain, cold, snow, 2 calves dying and daddy feeling poor it's been kind of yucky here lately :0(

Well it's time for a tally. I've got 198 blocks to go. I've got 58 blocks done and 2 bits of border on each side done. Well got to go plug in the tractors and break ice again when the kids get home so, I better get back to work! Talk to ya'll again later!

December 1st, 2001 12:00am

Short and sweet tonight I'm wiped out. I've got 8 more blocks done leaving 190 to go. Probably won't get much done this weekend & Monday. Gonna try and get some Christmas shopping done and have to do errands Monday Morning. I'm sick of winter already tossing ice is killing my arms lol! Gonna be worse for about 6 days in January as hubby gets to go to a hay harvesting school in FLORIDA! Oh joy he gets to go to Florida and I get to learn how to use the stack feeder! Some how that just doesn't seem fair!

December 3, 2001 10:30pm

4 more blocks were completed in between Christmas Shopping and Ranch go-fering this weekend. The well guys came to drill the test well and 1 truck got stuck out in the pasture. I got home from Bow just in time for the 1 well guy to come ask if I had a chain. I was getting hubby on the phone when he knocked on the door. I told him I sure hope you know about tractors! Luckily he did. The only tractor I know how to run real well is the old "Pop Pop" Loader Tractor. I've ran the other one to feed calves when hubby was gone to a John Deere Convention but it's been to long that I don't remember how to start it. We had to use the 4240 and that had the grinder & dozer on it. Not only did the well guy knew how to start the bloomin' thing he knew how to unhook the grinder and raise the dozer so he was good to go lol! They finally got the other well truck out and they were on their way. Looks like we'll get to put the well where they drilled as they hit gravel deep so it wasn't a lost cause. I would have felt really bad if they went through all that and didn't hit water! Well I better get back to work.

December 6, 2001 2:33pm

Still plugging along. Have lots track of how many I've done and I'm sick blahhh. So I'll count again and post at next update. Missy was home sick with a fever yesterday and I got hit late yesterday afternoon. Kids should be thrilled though, I don't have any voice so momma can't yell. Gonna see if I can get them to wash dishes & bake pizza for supper and I'm going back to bed.

December 8, 2001 6:13pm

Nothing accomplished the last few days. 100+ fever, no voice, scratchy throat & stiff neck. This stinks big time. Austin is loosing his voice and had 99.0 temp today so I suppose he'll be down with me fore to long. Will post again when I get something done :0(

December 10, 2001 9:55

Still feeling poor and can't shake the blasted fever but my voice is coming back. Got a few more blocks done and am almost to another bit of border. When I last counted I came up with 70 blocks completed and 186 to go. Have to help load the calves for hubby to haul to the sale barn tomorrow and the kids Christmas Program is tomorrow night. Then the next day our calves sell. If I'm feeling up to it I may go with him to watch them sell and stop at the bookstore to find Brett some books for Christmas. Will probably post again Wed or Thursday.

December 13, 2001 9:46pm

Well I've used up the last of the 1st spool of thread and started a new spool. Almost to the border again hoping to get there by tomorrow afternoon. Didn't get any blocks done yesterday. I wasn't feeling well yet but went ahead and went to the sale barn with hubby. Had been up since 3:30am with a sore tooth - I blame my bad teeth on having to many kids lol. Any way the calves sold earlier than we thought but I didn't want to go shopping so we ate, came home & I took a nap before the kids came home from school. Got several blocks done today. I hope to have some pictures of the kids Christmas Program posted in the next few days so FAMILY PEOPLE hee-hee keep watching. Going to go crash for now.

December 16, 2001 7:17pm

Slacked off and haven't gotten anything posted. Made it to the border and am working on it. I'll have to count again since I don't remember the exact number but I've got 80 some blocks done now.

Didn't get any quilting done yesterday or today as I finished up my Christmas Shopping. God what a mess. Going to town on Saturday's is a bad idea to begin with but yesterday was a real rat race! Finished up this am and it wasn't so bad as I went when Church was going on so that cut down on the people. Hoping to get pics of the kids posted a little later on tonight. Hubby is getting me glasses for Christmas so I've got to go to the eye Dr. tomorrow. When Austin was about 9months old he broke my glasses and I've gone almost 7yrs without them so I guess I'm due for a new pair lol. To Aunt Julie if you're reading sorry I missed the Mills Christmas but I was out galavanting spending $$$ ~hanging my head in shame~ Hope you still love me!

December 18, 2001 9:30pm

Kind of short & sweet tonight. Just finishing up on the border and will be starting on some more blocks. Had to babysit my brother's lil bambino's tonight as they went to town to get some goodies.

December 20, 2001 9:46pm

I have 86 blocks done on the quilt leaving me with 170 to go. Going to keep working on it but am not planning on updating the journal until after the New Year. I've got so much to do and so little time to get it done so I'm shaving a little time off there. The kids are home now for Christmas Break oh joy! J/K. Hope Everyone has a very Merry Christmas and an Abundantly Blessed New Year!

January 4, 2002 3:00pm CDT

Well the holidays are finally over and the kids went back to school yesterday! I have a total of 120 blocks finished on 9 Patch and Hour Glass leaving 136 blocks + borders to do. It's close to half done. Going to be working on borders for a little while now. I'm still SERIOUSLY behind schedule so I'm going to have to e-mail the owner of the Dresden Plate Quilt I've got booked and let her know I'm not ready yet. I need to update my Quilting Schedule Page as it's not accurate but haven't got to that yet. Well guess I better get back to the salt mines and I'll post again in a day or two.

January 9, 2002 7:00pm CDT

Finally getting ready to post. I swear I'm getting slower and slower at this. Still working on the borders of the first 1/4 corner. I'm getting close to being half done block wise and will post a picture as soon as I make it to the crown of the hill.

Been getting things ready to do the tax spread sheets for the tax man. I started off good at the first of the year writing everything in the book monthly so I could just plug it in the puter at the end of the year. But then I got behind in that too and now I've got to get all the reciepts in order. Think I'll probably work harder on that when hubby goes to Florida for the Hay Harvesting School next week. Yesterday I had to take Brett's glasses and get them fixed AGAIN. They gave him a new set of frames here awhile back because the screw kept coming out. Now with this new pair the screw stays in but the lens keeps popping out. I don't think they make stuff as good as they used to.

I was going to move my website to another host but changed my mind. I'm on dial up and my connection is extremely slow. I've got a 56k modem but the connection tested below 26k. Was going to up my hours which costs more and thought I'd save a little hosting elsewhere but after really looking at it I've got a better deal staying here. Sure wish I could afford the DSL but being outside of the town's limit's a total bill of $100+ for local service, Internet & hosting just won't work. Maybe the price will come down a little more in the future but I won't hold my breath. It's 1 down fall of being rural but I sure wouldn't trade it to live in town that's for sure. My site is going to look a little bare for awhile. I'm going to give it a make over but that won't be for quite awhile yet. Well, I guess I've rambled on long enough for awhile.

January 11, 2002 4:00pm CDT

No quilting the last 2 days. My oldest boy apparently has had an allergic reaction to something - I suspect he's gotten allergic to my laundry soap. He is broken out with a horrible rash all over. Went to Dr. yesterday morning and the strep test was neg so it isn't Scarletina (sp?). Dr. said it is most likely an allergic reaction. Gave him 4 days worth of Predinsone and told me to give him Benedryl too. Am re-washing all the boys clothes and Brett's bedding today. All the boys share their clothes so I have to re-wash everything. Don't know for sure if it's the laundry soap but it's the most plausible candidate although today his rash seems to be spreading. It had stopped at the short sleeve line but now it's inching out and he has it on his hands too. I did wash his gloves they were still damp on the inside when he wore them to school so maybe that's why his hands itch too. Who knows and it sure drives ya batty trying to figure it out. I guess that's about all for now

January 12, 2002 8:00pm CDT

Well still battling the itchies. Took Brett back to the Dr. this am as he seemed to be getting worse. The itching is more under control but the rash is spreading. Well to make a long story short the 1st Dr. apparently put in his chart that she thought the rash was caused by something viral. Found that out when the 2nd Dr. said she agreed with the 1st Dr. that it is something viral. Ok, well that was news to me as the 1st Dr. told me she thought it was an allergic reaction to something. 2nd Dr. drew blood to make sure his blood count was ok and it was. She said it was something viral similar to Fifths Disease. She said the old spots where the rash started are clearing and he will more than likely break out a little more but not as bad and it will take about a week to clear up. She gave him a little more Prednisone to make it a full 5 day course of the med and suggested Aveeno Oatmeal baths to help with the itching along with the Benedryl. Well, got to go help Frenchie pack as he's leaving for FL tomorrow morning. Will post more later when I've accomplished something.

January 19, 2002 9:00pm CDT

Hectic Week. Done with the borders now will be starting on more blocks shortly. I have my Ranch Reciepts in order and need to get them down on paper & into the puter. Will have to get my Ranch bookwork done sometime this week. Brett's pretty much over the rash and still has a few itchy spots on his leg but not itchy enough to need meds etc. Strangest dang stuff I've ever seen. It cleared up almost as fast as it set in. Frenchie made it home safe & sound last evening and the kids were thrilled to see him home.

January 24, 2001 6:49pm CDT

Been working on the books here lately and taking a few stitches here and there. Not much accomplished as I've been having to run to the eye Dr to get Brett's glasses fixed. Darn lenses keep popping out and now the threads on the screws are stripped. This is his 2nd pair of frames this year. They replaced the first pair for free because they thought they might be defective. Near as I can tell this pair isn't much better. Had to run to the Court House in Bow today to get the vehicles taxes & registration taken care of. It was my first time doing that. Usually Frenchie handled that but since everything used to belong to the Ranch. But now that the registration actually has my name on it he figured I could learn how to gofer for that too. The new NE Liscense Plates are HORRIBLE! They are soooo ugly. Glad the only rig we have to have that thing on is the jeep. The pickups get the standard black & white plates. The jeep only sees action in the pasture unless one of the pickups break down then we use it on the road.

The "Crud" is still going around. Deshia's losing her voice and coughing again. I broke a tooth and have been living on NyQuil for the last few days. I'm putting off the Dr. & Dentist for as long as I can. Just got Brett's Dr. bill for 2 clinic visits and it was outrageous. I can't wait for Spring when the heat tends to squash this cold & flu crud. Hoping to get some more stitches taken up tonight. I need to say up and get something done for a change but lately it seems I'm just all wore out :(

January 30, 2002 2:37pm CDT

Back again FINALLY! 128 blocks done on 9 patch leaving 128 blocks + borders to go. That makes it offically 1/2 done block wise but it doesn't look that way. Let's see if I can explain this. I've got a 3 block wide strip down the middle done. That leaves 2 corners on each side of the quilt. Then I worked down from that center 3 block wide center strip. I started quilting down the center between 2 corners kind of like sectioning into halves. I have the first 1/2 of that section done and am starting on the 2nd 1/2 of that. Confused yet? Sorry If I had a scanner I'd draw an illustration. Anyway, there are 56 blocks in the section I'm working on now. When those are done it will be picture time again. When I'm done with those blocks + the respective borders I will have 5 rows left on the other side of the quilt. That will leave a total of 80 blocks + borders left.

I'm almost done with my book work only 8 more spread sheets to go! Had to go to Kearney yesterday for a routine yearly exam at the Dr's. I'm going to have to go to Bow tomorrow to get Brett's &*$%#[email protected] glasses fixed AGAIN! This time the nose pad fell off and he lost it. It's cold here today but we missed the snow which is fine by me. My arms hurt from tossing ice out of the livestock tanks. This morning I had to run around the alfalfa field trying to get the stupid cow back in the pasture. Course the ole boss wouldn't run out the gate. Had to chase her around until she decided to jump the fence. Thank goodness she didn't bust up the fence cuz I'd probably still be out there freezing trying to fix it! I'm ready for warm weather & hopefully rain!

February 4, 2002 6:30pm CDT

Welp, got to get in gear. 2 or 3 more spreadsheets to go and hopefully the ole patriarch won't have me redo anything. Got a few more blocks stitched. I've got to get this quilt finished but have really been lagging. I've got quilt burn out BUT I've got 4 more to do so I've got to get cookin. I got me some vitamins & Echinacea & Goldenseal to maybe help with this sinus thing that's got me so run down. My get up & go got up and went when I lost my voice here awhile back. Been taking them for 3 days now and am feeling a little better. My eyes don't feel as puffy and I have a little more energy. I would go to the Dr. but I really don't think I need an Antibotic so I don't think it would be worth the office call. It's not good to take Antibiotics if you really don't need them - little lecture from the former nurse.

Any way, I've got to take Austin to the eye Dr. on Wed. I HOPE he doesn't need glasses but the teacher & school nurse thinks he needs them. It will probably be a few more days before I post again.

February 11, 2001 10:55pm CDT

Hello again! Well I've lost count but I think I have 12 more blocks done and am to a spot where I'm about to work on another portion of border. The kids have toys all over so I didn't get the quilt spread out to count. Going to work more tomorrow but I think Wed. I'm going to try to get into see the Dr. I'm running a fever now and my eyes are feeling so puffy. I guess the hospital's are full of sick people and I hear the Good Samaritan in Kearney & St. Francis in Grand Island are turning people away. I tried to call the clinic in Bow to see if I could get in but only got a busy signal so I gave up. I have to go to Kearney to get the Oxygen Tank filled for hubby's shop so I may see if I can get in there Wed. I haven't been to the clinic there since my Dr. retired so who knows. My nephew Morgan was in the hospital over night this weekend. He went to the Dr. on Friday and got some meds but then didn't have a wet diaper all day Sat. Julie called up and the Dr. said they'd keep him and watch him overnight because he was getting tired of having to fly really sick kids out with the chopper. He'd rather error on the side of caution. Now Julie's lost her voice and went to the Dr. today. Mom said my cousin Troy was sick but went to work. Later on this evening she said Aunt Shirley came over and said Uncle LeRoy took Troy to the hospital and they told Troy he could either stay in the hospital over night and get another shot in the morning or come back the next day. I'm betting Troy will make another trip. I told mom maybe I should wait so the really sick people can get in but she told me I need to go so I guess I'll try. I still don't think I'm sick but I've been running a temp off and on for better than a month.

Austin came out of the eye Dr. well and doesn't need glasses. He passed the test with 20/20. Dr. said he's a little far sighted but that it's normal for a kid his age and he'll probably grow out of it. He can focus really well it just takes him a little longer. His teacher wasn't to impressed though. Austin's really sensitive to light and there is quite a bit of glare in the class room so the teacher's going to try to cut that down a little and remind him not to hold the book so close to his face to help "train" his eyes to focus. The kids seem to be hanging in there pretty good and not getting sick - knock on wood. They are really excited as the Irrigation guys came to set up to drill the well today. Frenchie took them up to see the rig & pit they dug tonight. I have orders to go take pictures so the kids can see how they drill the well. My brother James works for the company who's doing the drilling so I hope the ole goat is there tomorrow hee hee. Brett also wants pictures of the tractors (inside & out) so he can send them to the class's pen pal. Well I think that's about all the news from this way. I'll have a block count for the quilt the next time I post.

February 13, 2002 8:35pm CDT

Finally started a new page! Well I finally broke down and went to the Dr. It's a good thing too, I just noticed that I spelled February wrong everytime on page 3 sheesh! Aunt Julie, you should have told me! hee-hee ;O)

Started to loose my voice again, throat was sore & had a fever all night. Dr. said it was a Sinus infection and I probably have some allergies on top of it since my eyes are itchy and watery. Gave me a shot of Antibiotic, a perscription for an Antibiotic, some allergy pill & nose spray samples. Doc said that should fix me up but if I don't get better I have to come back for some blood work - white count, blood sugar etc. He said he really didn't think I'd need to and frankly I don't either. I just tried to fight it on my own for to long but I'm kinda that way. I'll take the kids to the Dr. sooner than I'll go myself! Still got a fever so I'm gonna crash early I hope tonight. Hoping tomorrow morning I wake up feeling a bit better.

February 21, 2002 9:30pm CDT

Well I've been putting off updating this because I've gotten next to nothing accomplished. My feeling good was short lived and I'm still under the weather. Right now my temp is 100.5 and I've been fluctuating between 101.5 & 99.9 for about the last several days. Had it in the neck & back Sunday and tonight it's creeping in again on the left side of my neck. To be honest I feel a little worse than before I went to the Dr. My Antibotic runs out on the 26th so I may go back then. Found out how much the shot cost today and the next time the Dr. asks me if I'm opposed to getting a shot I'm going to ask how much he's gonna stick me for before I consent! Mom's having a heck of a time too. She finally broke down and went to the Dr. She's feeling worse off too. Talked to her tonight and she said that the other medicine she got made her dizzy and her heart pound so she quit taking it. Told her to report that to the Dr. as she should probably be taking something. She's got it a little worse than me as she's got a sore throat too. Mine is just my stuffed up head, fever, sore back & neck.

Have gotten only a few blocks finished and will keep plugging away at a snails pace I'm afraid. I'm terribly embarrassed at how long this has taken me. I'm hardly ever this slow and now I'm so far behind I don't know how I'll catch up. But I've got to. I have two quilts with deadlines and 1 more before those two. The second of those two I have to sew the blocks together. A lady in Bow is embroidering the blocks and I'm to put it together with the borders and quilt. I did the layout for it in EQ4 and the lady who I'm going to do it for and I went to Holdredge the other day to get the material. Aunt Joyce will kill me when she finds out I was in town and didn't stop to see her.

Well I guess that's about all the no news I've got. If ya'll are the praying type say a little one for me. Maybe the shot in the backside I need to get me over this hump and get me in gear.

March 4, 2002 10:27pm CDT

I'm back - finally. Been trying to play catch up. Feeling a bit better still running a temp some and head's still a bit stuffy but got some energy back.

Quilt Block Tally: 160 blocks + borders done. 96 blocks + borders to go. I'm really hoping to get a good chunk done this week. I've been getting about 6-8 blocks done in a day. Fingers are getting a bit sore but I've got my trusty super glue on hand.

Austin was home sick today. Had quite a weekend. The Tractor & Stack Feeder decided to bite the dust and Friday we had a snowstorm. Deshia came down with a runny nose & cough Friday. Friday night Austin got sick to his stomache twice during the night. He was fine Saturday but woke up with a tummy ache Sunday Morning. Went through the day fine but then got sick to his stomache twice this am. He's been fine the rest of the day but we'll see tomorrow.

Deshia pulled a real swift one Saturday morning. I gave in and let her go out in the snow for a bit and she came into the house crying with a bloody tongue. She said she bit her tongue. Got her a wet towel and settled her down in the chair. Then she says, "I have a hole in my tongue." She came over to me and lifted her tongue up. The little "flap" of skin connecting her tongue to the bottom of her mouth was ripped and there was a hole! I said, "Oh my God! Get your boots and coat on. We'll have to go show Daddy and see if we need to take you to get it sewed up!" Instantly she starts screaming, "NO! NO! I'll tell you what I did!" (I'm thinking, Say what???) She said, "I stuck my tongue to the grill and it froze!" (I remember the time I stuck my tongue on the flag pole at school) We went and showed Daddy and he said she'd be alright so we didn't go to the Dr. What do ya bet she doesn't ever do that again!

Got to take Brett's glasses back to the eye Dr. to get them fixed again. The screw got loose and he lost the nut. They been that way for a week and I forgot about them. He had them in his room and not out where I could see them to remember. I was supposed to do it Saturday but we were snowed in. Then couldn't today cuz Austin was home sick. Well that's about all the news lately. Hoping to update more often as I'm just about caught up and things are going more smoothly again - knock on wood.

March 8, 2002 3:30pm CDT

Short & Sweet. Not much news. They called off school early yesterday due to icy roads and no school today because of State BB Tourney. Spent some time this week listing clothes the kids out grew on eBay. They've been sitting in a box here in the living room for a couple of weeks and I'm trying to get them out of the way.

Block Count - 178 blocks done. Will be working on the borders for those this weekend. This leaves 78 blocks + borders on the last rows. I must have miscounted earlier as I thought there would be 80 some blocks left with the last few rows. I just started using the 4th & final spool of thread.

Will post again later.

March 14, 2002 10:00pm CDT

Had to take off the last several days to let my fingers heal up. Have gotten 8 more blocks done leaving 70 blocks left. When I get a decent day I'll take the quilt out to the clothes line and take a picture of the one side that's done and post it here.

Not much going on but the rent. Haven't had very nice weather lately. Today was really crappy with freezing rain this am. Was going to go to Kearney to get groceries but opted for Bow instead as I thought it would be to slick in Kearney. I think the weather was worse up to the Bow though. That's about all the excitement for now.

March 22, 2002 8:11am CDT

Update on the blocks. I've got 40 left + borders. I've just been doing blocks for now and will start doing borders. Going to have to let my index finger heal over the weekend. It's cracked open kind of bad in the spot I always seem to hit.

Not much news to share. It's been pretty boring lately.

March 27, 2002 11:00pm CDT

Still working on borders of blocks I finished last time. Had quite a bit of running this week. Trying to close the deal for the well and getting things ready to set up. Have to go to Grand Island tomorrow to pick up the Fuel Tank for the well so tomorrow is pretty much shot. Banker is coming Saturday to have a looksee as to what we're doing so I've got to get the house cleaned up. Hopefully the kids will help as they'll be home Friday. Was going to go to Aunt Lucille's for Easter but we've all got to much work to catch up on. Tractor we bought needs a lot of work, the Jeep's broke down, got to move the bulls and a little bit of fence to fix, and of course I've got quilting to catch up on. Well I think that's about all that's been going on lately. Be back again with more later :0)

April 8, 2002 7:48 CDT

I've got 20 blocks left plus borders. Not much else going on. Frenchie went to Columbus to get the pipe trailer Sat. and hopefully the gun will be ready this weekend. Deshia was sick to her tummy yesterday but went to school today. Things are starting to green up and I'm no where near ready for the garden.

April 22, 2002 4:00pm CDT

Sorry it's taken me so long to post. Been kind of crazy here lately. The cows are calving and we got the irrigation well running and it's been a mess! Apparently, they didn't put all the parts or something in the gun and it was leaking water underneath as it was working. Supposed to get the parts UPS today. I got the job of shuting it off when it's time. The first time through it worked ok but the second time around and I managed to blow a hole in the VERY VERY expensive hose. Hubby is hoping he can cut off about 3ft and put it back together. I guess if he can't figure out how to get the end back on the hose we'll have to haul it back to Columbus.

As for the quilt, I'm still plugging along. Got the blocks done and am doing the echo quilting on the borders. I'm on my 5th spool of thread. Then it will be time for the binding. Here's hoping this week goes better and I don't break anything :(

May 10, 2002 8:35am CDT

I FINALLY working on binding the quilt!!!! Got a little side tracked earlier this week with a Field Trip and last night was the Spring Concert. Need to work in a dentist appt. My tooth broke off 2 Sundays ago and now I think it's got an infection. Running a fever and have an ear ache. Putting it off as long as I can as the old pickup needs a new tire first LOL.

To see pictures of the Spring Concert click


P.S. added @ 10:00pm

Had a really BAD day. My poor old tire died a nasty death. Had to make a run to town and lil miss was home today because they had Kindergarten Round up. I needed to get my new tire too but decided to do that last on the way home. It was a smart move! On the way to Bow the brace that supports the fender wall decided to break loose and chewed up my Right back tire - which thankfully was the one on it's last leg. One very nice man stopped and offered to help but I had almost already had the tire changed. I thanked him for stopping but said I could handle it. Well I had to get that brace off before I could get on the road again. I had a cresent wrench but that bolt was a buger to get off. It so happens our Vet came along and stopped to help. He had some vice-grips and managed to get it off. Course he had to raz me about my mechanic husband not keeping me supplied with better tools. He just grined when I told him hubby had bought me not 1 but 2 tool kits and they were BOTH in the house LOL. Such is life. Well now I've got my new tire :0)

May 14, 2002 10:00pm CDT

Got behind yesterday & today. Diddled with the well yesterday. Today I had to go get supplies for the kids field trips Friday & Brett's Mexican Food Class Party on Friday too. Got to Bow and stopped to tell Frenchie that the jeep battery didn't charge. Well while I was waiting to talk to him another mechanic came in to tell me not to drive on my flat tire. My brand new tire was flat! Luckily, Frenchie was just going on his lunch break so he got to change the tire. But the little weasel was able to use the air gun to take the lug nuts off.

Picked up Deshia's Rug Rat Bicycle she saw and wanted for her Birthday. Dropped it off in Ansley where mom was painting so she could hide it until Deshia's Birthday. Took my tire to get it fixed but Rod was there alone. He's still recovering from his shoulder operation and looked swamped so I told him I'd come back tomorrow and get the tire. Hoping I don't have another flat while I'm without a spare and the jeep's on the blink.

Tomorrow morning is shot since I have to check cows & go get the tire. Then I have to go pick up the Tordon to spray weeds with since I finally got my Private Applicator License. Then the kids have their play day (it's like their track meet) at 1:00.

May 23, 2002 12:33am CDT

I'm FINALLY DONE!!!!!! Just put the last stitches in the binding. Will be laundering tomorrow then shipping in the near future. Here's two pictures


Then I'll be working on the others I've got to do. Don't know if I'll get a garden in this year. I haven't even tilled yet and the yard needs mowed already. School let out for the summer today so I'll have to get the oil changed and put those kids to work ;0)