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June 30, 2003 5:00pm CDT

Well it's been a bit busy lately. Frenchie & the kids have been working in the corn & hay fields and I've been soaping. Last week we spent a lot of time getting ready for the Old Settler's Celebration.

Kim at Total Images talked me into being on her float in the parade, talking to the radio dudes about my soap and getting a table for the garage sale down at the park. The float & the sale I could handle but I was petrified of talking to the radio dudes. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I was still nervous enough I forgot to mention some of the things about my soap that I wanted to LOL. Oh well at least I didn't pass out when they handed me the microphone!

I'll put some pictures mom took for me up here. The kids had a blast. Deshia rode on the float too & Austin helped Mike throw candy. Then they helped me set up for the garage sale. I took my soaps & some stuff I ended up with when I was going to auctions last year. Didn't get rid of much and I was wishing I would have just left the clutter stuff at home. A lot of it was glass I hoped to get rid of so I think I'll haul it down to Good Will. I'd put it up on eBay but I hate shipping glass stuff. To pack it well enough costs a fortune in shipping so it's more of a headache than anyhting else.

I sold 2 bars of soap and some bath salt. I guess I should find out about craft fairs & farmer's markets but I don't know what I'd do with the kids. They get bored out of their skulls if they have to go with me. Austin had fun playing the games in the park. He won .50 cents and got third place in the pedal tractor pull. The others just played & visited with their friends. It was a long day but it was pretty fun. Sunday night we went in and watched the fire works. They had some pretty good ones and we enjoyed the show. We'll probably go up to Bow for the 4th to watch fire works too. Deshia's been counting the days til her birthday since school let out so I know she's looking forward to it. Well I guess that's about all the news for now. I'll leave you with the pictures. Still can't believe Kim talked me into riding in a bathtub full of bubbles! She's a whole lot of fun! Oh & Kim got first place in the Business Division too. Yeah for Kim!!

Jacob & BrettBrettDeshia

I can't believe I did that!Kim's daughter in the shadesMore kids on the float. Don't know their names

more kidsI think her name is Lydia Kim giving her brother & Farrah a spray tan

Me again & Deshia on the chair